The Top 11 Nootropic Supplement Stacks For 2017

Nootropics are supplements that aim to do at least one big thing and that is to boost brain power, a function that gave meaning to the term “brain booster.” Just like other types of supplements, nootropics also come in all shapes and sizes with even more blends and stacks to choose from and for most users this makes choosing more of a burden than a convenience. To help you with choosing the right product, we’ve compiled what we see as the top 11 nootropics available in the market today.


Best 5 Nootropic Stacks


1. Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro nootropicThis is number one on our list simply because it contains a smart formula strategy guaranteed to make you achieve peak mental performance. In fact, we like to think it’s smarter than us with all the great and potent brain boosting ingredients jammed in one clean package.

They manage to incorporate a total of 11 ingredients and actually hit the corresponding clinical doses in just two capsules. This is a big thing since most supplements who go beyond 9 ingredients often fall due to laughable doses.

The result is one powerful nootropic stack that enables your brain to go beyond 100% all the time. As a bonus, you can use it as a standalone preworkout too since it strengthens resolve, mental fortitude, and motivation for your workouts.


2. truBrain

trubrainDefinitely one unique approach at being a supplement, truBrain makes use of being a “think drink” and does away with the usual capsules and pills. Apart from being quite the game changer, truBrain was made for one reason and that is to make sure you have laser focus without crashes, irritability, or brain burnout. It does so by way of two-formula stack which helps you get work done faster and get out of the office sooner.

It’s target market are professionals and possibly students who want a brain boost minus the stimulant crashes.



ciltep nootropic stackWe usually see herbs as “safer” ways for a company to sell a formula since it helps bypass plenty of regulations specially when it comes to the WADA. But CILTEP is different.

Driven by novel herbals Artichoke and Coleus Forskohli, CILTEP is able to provide what we call “Long-Term Potentiation” or LTP which is a mental state of sustained brain cell signaling and improved acetylcholine & dopamine amounts. One ingredient we would like to see that is missing is Alpha GPC, CDP Choline, or another source of choline.

In short, it gets you in a good mood and boosts learning capacity that can last up to 14 hours. How crazy good does that sound? Many athletes actually stack ciltep with stimulant based pre-workout supplements because Ciltep is stim free. Check out Supplement Review Shark’s Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2017 to find out the best pre-workout that can be used to stack with Ciltep.


4. Nootroo

nootroo nootropicIf you’re looking for a special nootropic that contains our racetam friends then Nootro might just be the product for you. It contains powerhouse nootropics Noopept and Phenylpiracetam as well as a prop blend of caffeine and L-theanine called SmoothCaffeine™ which is supposed to give you a good energy boost minus the crash. But the main ingredient we like is Cognizin, a top rated nootropic capable of supercharging mental performance instantly as well as promote long-term brain health.

It also looks nice with their Gold and Silver theme but we have a feeling we’re also paying for the fanciness as the price of one can may not appeal to practical users. If you have the money, go for it!

5. Neuro Optimizer

neurooptimizer nootropicBeyond brain boosting, we all have to take care of our brain as we age and Neuro Optimizer, as cheesy as the name sounds, is actually perfect for brain health. It only consists of 7 studied ingredients but the formula is capable of three important functions:

  • Boost mental performance
  • Provide brain energy
  • Long term brain protection and nourishment

With emphasis on the third function, Neuro Optimizer is definitely the best on this list when it comes to age-related memory problems and makes it suitable for people over 40 years old.


The Remaining 6 Top Nootropic Stacks for 2016

6. Alpha Brain

alphabrain natural nootropic supplementAlpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropics sold in the market today. It’s designed to support memory, focus, and processing speed. It’s also backed by two studies which proved it to be capable of:

  • Improving verbal memory recall
  • Faster thinking speed
  • Boosts Alpha Brain waves

The theme of the supplement seems to be its ability to boost alpha brain waves, waves are capable of providing a relaxed yet alert sensation. Boosting these waves enable the user to feel like being in the zone: Laser focus on the task at hand but not necessarily too focused they end up irritable or annoyed when disturbed. Some key ingredients include alpha gpc and l-tyrosine.

7. Nootrobox

nootroboxNootrobox focuses on a 1-2 punch combo for a good nootropic knockout or a Yin Yang effect as a supplement that serves not to overpower but to complement each other.

RISE is a synergistic formulation made to boost memory and stamina plus two powerful stress busters that help promote an optimum thinking environment. SPRINT gives you energy, clarity, and flow. It contains caffeine and is balanced for a smooth and clean energy feel by adding twice the amount for L-theanine.

8. MindBoost

mindboost nootropic stackMindBoost is another brain booster with a 2-formula combo but the difference is how they’re in two separate bottles namely MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night. Taken together they are MindBoost Complete.

MindBoost Day is taken for mental alertness, brain energy, quick thinking, and stress reduction while MindBoost Night specifically targets stress and anxiety which could result to a relaxed state before bedtime. The approach is definitely unique and sound but one of the reasons why it didn’t rank any higher is its price tag which can go for as much as $120/month if you want to go for the “Complete” formula.

9. OptiMind

optimind nootropicOptiMind is one of today’s best selling nootropics. It makes use of 12 different brain ingredients and designed to optimize the various chemicals in the brain. It helps clear brain fog, helps with focus, memory, alertness, mental energy, motivation, learning, and a stress fighter. It will definitely make you wake up motivated and sleep in a tranquil state.

For the customers, they offer a 14-day supply for free with free shipping too. They also have 100% money-back guarantee which makes their company reputable at the very least.

10. NITROvit

nitrovit nootropicNITROvit is a brain supplement capable of a wide array of cognitive benefits specifically focus, clarity, learning, mood, concentration, memory, anxiety, and motivation just to name a few. They back this up with some of the best ingredients in the nootropic industry that can also work together. The reasons they’re near the bottom are due to low doses and weak forms of some of their ingredients but if you’re not picky and want a good nootropic for starters then NITROvit is your bet.

11. Procera AVH

procera nootropicThere are nootropics capable of giving you what they claim by making use of simple formulations and Procera AVH is one of them. Consisting of only ALCAR, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine-A, Procera AVH keeps it simple and effective with benefits ranging from energizing the brain to improving risks against age-related memory problems and cognitive decline.

Its strength is also its flaw: having a simple formula can have plenty of drawbacks and one of them is a lack in function. Apart from that, Procera AVH is a recommended nootropic for those who don’t want anything complicated and just wants a good brain boosting effect.